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ACH/EFT Processing

     FedACH Interface

     Investigation Processing Interface

     Tracking of Transactions

     Automatic Bounce Notification system.

     OFAC/SDN Automated Scanning

     Automated AML checks to mitigate risks

     Extensive Customer Credit

     Total Payment Risk Control

     Extensive list of management/control reports.

Anti-Money Laundering:

    Establishing AML Programs

    State-of-the-art alert engine

    Easily monitor daily transactions for suspicious behavior.

     Multiple techniques to minimize false-positive alerts

         Profiling and predictive modeling

     Robust investigation interface

     Manage and investigate alerts via a secure, Web/Application based interface.

     Powerful discovery capabilities

      Design, evaluate and fine-tune new or existing scenarios based on historical performance.

     Easily mine large quantities of data using sophisticated analysis tools.

     Robust analytic techniques via an intuitive graphical interface.

     Advanced administration tools

     Maintain ultimate control over scenarios, data elements and data security.


Asset Management-

Most convenient Web based Computer Management System. Easy to install goes; with any Windows based operating system on intranet or internet. It gives extensive reports of Computer Hardware and Software and comes with an Administrative interface.

Asset Tracking

Most user friendly Web based Computer Management System to keep track of your valuable IT Assets. It is a combination of software and hardware solution and has extensive reporting facility. Easy to install; goes with any Windows based operating system on intranet or internet.


Contact Compliance Solutions

Contract Management

Bid Management


Risk Management

Vendor Management

Prime Contractors

Sub Contractors